Tools for Lists, Libraries & Calendars

When viewing a list, Tools tabs appear for editing the list & list items.


Similar to the Browse tab, Tools tabs store the commands available for a list you're currently viewing.  These additional commands are context-sensitive--they only appear on lists, and they change depending on the type of SharePoint list currently displayed.

Tools tabs are actually comprised of 2 different tabs.  The right tool tab (e.g., Calendar) allows you to edit properties of the entire list, while the left tool tab (e.g., Events) allows you to edit items within that list.

  • Note that calendars & libraries are lists, too.  Additional options are available for these list types (see below).
  • Since pages do not contain items, the Page tab does not contain a left tool tab.  See Pages for more information.

Modify a Single Item

If you wish to quickly modify a single item, use the drop-down menu which appears as you hover over its title:

Edit Item


Modify More than One Item

To modify all items in a list, check the box in the upper-left corner of the list.

To modify a few items, hover over each item until a check box appears & select, one by one.

When you select an item using the check box method, your Browse Tab will automatically switch to the left tab.  Again, the left tab is context-sensitive, so you may see 'Items,' 'Events,' or 'Documents.'

Select Hover


Tools for Individual Items, Documents & Events (Left Tab)


List Items


All list items (whether they are general lists, document libraries, or calendars) can be edited with these parts of the ribbon:

  • New - Create a new item or folder.
  • Manage - View, edit, or delete items.  Check the item's permissions or version history.
  • Share & Track - Set an alert.  SharePoint will email you when selected items are modified.
  • Workflows - Create a new workflow for the selected items.  Approve or reject items, using a pre-existing workflow.


Other Tools for Items/Documents/Events

  • Actions (not available for Documents) - Attach a file to an item.
  • Tags & Notes (not available for Events) - Bookmark & tag items.
  • Open & Check Out (Documents only) - Open a document for editing; or, check out a document for in-depth editing.  Checking out a document ensures that no one else makes changes to it while you are editing.  When finished, check the item in.
  • Copies (Documents only) - Download a document.  Re-use a document in another SharePoint Workspace (& make sure all copies are up-to-date).



Tools for an Entire List, Library or Calendar (Right Tab)


List Tools - List


All lists (whether they are general lists, document libraries, or calendars) can be edited with these parts of the ribbon:

  • Manage Views - Create or modify views of the list.  Add a column for additional information.
  • Share & Track - Set an alert.  SharePoint will email you when the list is modified.  Send email with a link to the list, or create an RSS feed for the list.
  • Connect & Export - Connect the list to a SharePoint Workspace or to Outlook.  Edit the list with Access, or export it to a spreadsheet.
  • Customize List/Library/Calendar - Edit properties of the list or change the form where list data is input.  Add your favorite function to the ribbon.
  • Settings - Change list permissions, workflow policies, or visit the main List/Library/Calendar Settings page.


Other Tools for Lists/Libraries/Calendars

  • View Format (not available for Calendars) - Toggle between list view & datasheet (spreadsheet) view.
  • Datasheet (not available for Calendars) - In datasheet view, add new rows (items) or create a Totals row.
  • Scope (Calendars only) - Toggle between Day/Week/Month views.
  • Expand (Calendars only) - Show/hide details of events.