Creating New Lists, Libraries, Pages & Sites

Create new lists, libraries, pages & sites in SharePoint 2010.

Steps to Create New Content

  1. To create new SharePoint content (lists, libraries, etc.), click Site Actions from the Top Bar.

    Site Actions

  2. In the Create dialogue box, select the type of content you'd like to add: New Page, New Document Library, New Site or More Options....

    Create Dialogue

  • If you select More Options..., the Create dialogue box appears.  By default, it displays all types of addable content.  From here, can add additional types of pages, libraries, and sites; or, you can add a list.
  • If you're adding a calendar, remember that calendars are considered lists.
  • Once you select the type of content to add, you can either Create it now, or choose More Options.  We highly recommend using More Options, as it gives you control over the following:

      • Name and Description - Naming your content is mandatory, but entering an additional description helps users determine if a link is relevant to them.
      • Navigation - Specify whether a link to this item appears in the Quick Launch bar.
      • Version History (Library only) - Specify whether a new version is created each time you edit a file in this library.


    Create Dialogue (More Options)


    It's important to remember that when creating any new content types, permissions are inherited from the containing folder by default.  If you'd like to change the permissions for new content containers (such as document libraries) or items (such as documents within the library), you will need to change the permissions for this content. You may wish to change permissions if, for example, you'd like a restricted-access document library for administrative purposes.

    Library TabsMicrosoft has a reference chart available which covers the different permission types for SharePoint 2010.

    1. To change permissions settings for lists/libraries/sites, visit the Settings section of the right side of the Tools tab (in this example, Library).  Click List/Library/Site Permissions.

      Library Permissions
    2. List TabsTo change permissions for selected items such as pages/documents/items, visit the Manage section of the left side of the Tools tab (in this example, Items).  Click Page/Document/Item Permissions.

      Document Permissions

    3. Here, you will encounter Permission Tools, with the following options:

      Permission Tools

      • Manage Parent - If your content is inheriting permissions, use this to modify all permissions (be careful--this potentially includes permissions for your entire site)
      • Stop Inheriting Permissions - Create unique permissions for the selected content.
      • Check Permissions - Verify whether a particular person or group has access to this particular content.
      • Note that the yellow bar below the Permission Tools tab shows the content's permissions status: inherited or unique permissions.