SharePoint 2013

As part of a larger move to Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud-based suite of tools, the University will move from the current campus-hosted version of SharePoint 2010 to the cloud-based SharePoint 2013. This page outlines important dates and details about the migration of the SOM SharePoint site collection.

Important Dates

July 20 - August 4: Final Round of Testing
Beginning Friday, July 17, all SOM Sharepoint sites were re-migrated to the new version and are available at

Please schedule time as soon as possible to test your site again in the new version. If you encounter any problems, please  and we help you determine if it is a migration issue, or something that needs to be fixed in the new version.

Tuesday, August 18: Deadline to report any issues
If we do not hear from you by August 18, we will assume that there are no problems with your site and will proceed with the migration as scheduled.

Friday, August 21: Final migration begins (incremental)
The final migration will be an incremental migration and will only copy over content that was created/modified AFTER the last full migration (Friday, July 17).

Monday, August 24: Go-Live date for new Sharepoint sites
Depending on how long the final incremental migration takes, the new Sharepoint sites should be ready on the Monday following the migration.  OIS will send notification when it is complete and at that time the old Sharepoint sites will become read-only. You should then communicate the new adminliveunc URL to your users.  The current site urls will redirect to the new url after the final migration, but you will want your users to begin using the new address.  You may want to post a note on your homepage announcing the upcoming URL change so that users can plan accordingly.

URL Change

ITS is moving to the Microsoft hosted solution, instead of hosting SharePoint locally on campus, so the URL will change.  The new URL will be instead of for the main SOM site collection.  To navigate to your new site, simply replace "" with "".  There will be a redirect in place for all sites and subsites after the Go-Live date.

Logging in

Since you will now be logging into the Microsoft hosted site, the login method will change.  When you visit you will see the Microsoft Office 365 login page and will need to enter as the login name.  You will then be redirected to the UNC branded login page where you can then enter your password (your login name should be pre-filled on the UNC page).


The ITS Office 365 help page has a lot of great material, including links to videos on SharePoint basics as well as resources available on (open to any user with an Onyen).

Office 365 Project Information

For more information about the move to Office 365, please see the ITS Office 365 project page.


What will happen to edits made to my current (old) SharePoint site after the previous migration on July 17?

Any edits made on your existing SharePoint site ( will be moved to the new site ( during the final incremental migration, scheduled for Friday, August 21. The migration tool will compare the two sites and if an item in the old site has a newer modified date than the new site, it will be copied over to the new site.  

Can I delete content on my new SharePoint site?

Deleting content on the new SharePoint sites is not recommended until after the final migration.  The final incremental migration will restore that content from the old site.  Please wait until after the final migration to clean up your site.

Can I make edits on the new SharePoint site (

Edits on the new SharePoint site will remain after the final incremental migration, so you can begin fixing layout issues in the new version.  The migration tool will compare the two sites and if an item in the old site has a newer modified date than the new site, it will be copied over to the new site.  

Will the old links forward to the new addresses?

YES! The current site urls will redirect to the new url after the final migration.  At that time please communicate the new url to your users.  The tentative Go-Live date is Monday, August 24.

Will I have access to my old site post migration?

YES!  Read-only versions of your old SharePoint site will be available for you to reference for a limited time.  More information about how to access those sites will be available closer to the Go-Live date.

Where can I find training and documentation resources?

The Office 365 Help page on the ITS website is a great resource for training/documentation.  There you will find links to training videos, as well as basic SharePoint tutorials (all accessible via Onyen login).