Network Maintenance in ITS Manning

Wednesday August 7th beginning at 6:00am ITS will perform the maintenance on the ITS Manning School of Medicine Entrance Chassis to enable more 10GB port capacity.

When Aug 07, 2013
from 06:00 AM to 06:30 AM
Contact Name OIS Networking
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Note that this chassis also provides connectivity to the network for not only everything in Manning, but also the feed to Aycock Family Med, Carolina Crossing (nee Ecko), and the Med School VLANs in Genome Science.


The MAIN (and longest - the 15 minutes referred to below) impact would be on the fabric module that feeds Genome Science, Carolina Crossing and these four switches (,,, -- that module needs to be removed and upfitted with a daughter card to add an additional eight 10Gbps ports in that chassis -- we can't just add another module to the chassis as all four slots are in use.


The impact to the rest of that chassis (i.e. Aycock and all other switch/host connections) SHOULD be minimal (as in a few seconds burp) - however, we should plan on the unplanned situation.

Original Request:

I’m looking for a time window for a complete outage of network traffic to the ITS Manning Entrance Chassis (any traffic from SoM to ITS Manning) for a hardware upgrade.  This outage would take the form of a 15 minute window to power down the chassis, remove a fabric card, and add an option module.  I suspect (and Jim can correct) that the power outage will take a few minutes but we should plan on up to 15 in case they have to fall back with intermittent connection during the outage.


Since this change has such a significant impact we need to carefully plan this and scheduling a time is the first step.  If there are critical times where you cannot sustain an outage please let me know.  If there areextremely inconvenient times please let me know.