How can I import my Mozilla address book into webmail?

Import Mozilla Address Book into webmail:

The first step in importing your Mozilla address book into webmail is to export it from Mozilla in a format that webmail will understand. Open up your Mozilla address book, click on the Tools menu, and select "Export":

                                                             Mozilla webmail address book.jpg


When the "Save as" box comes up, make sure that the Save as type drop-down is set to LDIF, and save the file to a location where you will be able to find it easily.

                                                 Mozilla webmail adr book image 2.jpg

Now from webmail, select the Address Book tab, and click on Import/Export:

                                                 Mozilla webmail adr book image 3.jpg

Click on the Browse button and navigate to the file that you exported from Mozilla.

                                                    Mozilla webmail adr book image 4.jpg

Now click import and your address book will be imported.

                                                    Mozilla webmail adr book image 5.jpg