Office 365 Migration Details

On Migration Day

After work on your migration day, users should shut down their computer.  This will allow the migration to run smoothly after business hours, as a restart may be required.  If your computer is “on” at the scheduled upgrade time, the upgrade may close Outlook or force a reboot.  There is no other action needed. 

Update the username on your email account and mobile devices before your migration.  For instructions, please go to the Office 365 Setup help page.

What to Expect After the Migration

  • Webmail will work immediately after migration is complete. If you cannot immediately access your email or calendar via your desktop email application, please remember you can get to them via the web. 
    • To access your email via the web, use Make sure your username is The URL will no longer work.
  • It may take up to 5 minutes for your Outlook application to load. Please be patient and do not attempt to restart.  
  • The Windows Outlook application will configure automatically. Restart the application if you’re prompted. If an auto-discover check box comes up, allow by clicking the box.
  • If you access email on your mobile device, change your username to  
  • For detailed instructions on configuring your device and application please go to

For Mac Users:

  • Update the username on your local Mac Outlook email application to
  • If you’re a Mac Mail user, you may need to recreate your profile by changing your username to
  • For more Mac troubleshooting tips, visit this page.

If you have any issues, please restart your computer(s) or devices(s). If your issue persists, please contact the Service Desk at 962-HELP

Additional Information 

If you will be out of the office on your migration day, or are unsure when you will be migrated, please contact

Please note: Public folders and UNCH free/busy calendar information will not be available until all of School of Medicine is migrated to Office 365 later in June.