How do I configure my machine to use Road Runner Internet Access?



RoadRunner Installation Package
To Connect to the Road Runner Network
Problems connecting to the network?


RoadRunner Installation Package:

When the Road Runner service is installed, a package will be provided which includes:

  • Road Runner software CD [Do Not install this on your laptop!]
  • Cable Modem
  • Network Connection Cable
  • Network adapter card (for use on desktop machines without a built in card)


To Connect to the Road Runner Network:

The Road Runner Technician will make all the initially required connections, like setting up your cable modem and activating it with Time Warner Cable. Once the initial setup is complete, use the provided network cable to plug your laptop in just as if you were connecting at school. Do Not install the Road Runner software. You will not need to change any network settings on your laptop.


Problems Connecting to the Network?

If your connection to the network has gotten dropped, try renewing your IP address:

  • First, make sure your machine is connected to the cable modem.
  • Next, go to the Start Menu Click on Run.
  • Type cmd and press Enter.
  • At the command prompt, type ipconfig /renew and press Enter. This will refresh the IP settings on the computer.


For any other problems, or if this doesn't solve your connection problem, please contact Time Warner Cable for support.