Can I use multiple computers with my Road Runner cable modem?

 Using Multiple Computers Simultaneously with your Cable Modem:

With the Basic Road Runner Service 1 IP address is provided, which is given at connection time, it is leased for 12 hours, and is released when disconnected. Multiple computers can be connected to the modem through a hub (a box that splits the connection port into multiple outlets), however, this causes more than 1 IP address to be assigned when there is more than 1 machine simultaneously using the internet. Road Runner will assign up to 4 simultaneous IP Addresses, the first of which is part of the monthly charge, each additional address is $9.95/month (max. $29.85 to base monthly charge).

There are other alternatives to connecting multiple computers simultaneously to the network in which Road Runner assigns only 1 IP address. One of these alternatives is using a router which can create a private network with added features (such as a built in firewall for security, DHCP service for dynamic addressing, or wireless connectivity). No additional charges will be assessed by Road Runner with this solution, making the cost for multiple users less per person than standard internet service (after the cost of the router equipment).

There are many Routers that can be easily installed out of the box. For advice on router types or prices, please conatct OIS Client Services at 966-1325.