How do I configure my email client to use an email directory?

About Email Address Directories:

UNC's SOM, Main Campus, and Hospital run an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) server containing contact details for Faculty, Staff and Students. Email clients such as Netscape Messenger and Outlook Express, can use LDAP directories to look up email addresses. Use the instructions below to configure your address book with the directory settings for the SOM, UNC Main Campus, and/or UNC Hospitals.

Please note: The LDAP servers are accessible only on campus computers.

Configuring Thunderbird to use the SOM LDAP directory:

Following are instructions on setting up the SOM LDAP directory using Thunderbird. Repeat the following steps using the information for UNC Hospitals or UNC Main Campus if you need to access those directories as well.

Open your Thunderbird Email. From the menu bar, select Tools, and then click on Address Book. From the Address Book window, click on File, select New, and click on LDAP Directory.

                                                          ED Address Book.jpg

n the Directory Server Properties Windows, next to Name, give the new directory a name, for example School of Medicine. Next to Host Name, type Next to Base DN, type ou=School of Medicine, o=UNC-CH, c=US. Click on OK to finish creating the new directory.

                                                          ED Directory Server Properties.jpg

From the Address Book window, you should now see the new directory listed under Address Books. To manually search the directory, select the directory, and next to "Name or Email contains:" type the person's last name, first name, or first few letters of the last name, and press the Enter key. All names matching the search criteria will be displayed. To send an email to the person, select their name and click on the Compose button.

                                                          ED Address Book setup.jpg

To configure Thunderbird to automatically look up names as you type them into the To: and other header fields when composing a new email message, select Edit from the menu bar and click on Preferences.

                                                          ED Preferences.jpg

Under Mail and Newsgroups, click on Addressing. Make sure there are check marks in the boxes next to Local Address Books and Directory Server under the Address Autocompletion section. For Directory Server, select the Directory Server you just created, or any other Directory Server of your choice.

                                                          ED Preferences Dialog Window.jpg

Configuring Outlook Express to use the SOM LDAP directory:

Open Outlook Express and click on the Addresses button. From the menu bar, select Tools and then Accounts. Click on the Add button to configure a new directory.

                                                          ED Internet Accounts Update.jpg

In the Internet Connection Wizard window, next to Internet directory (LDAP) server, type for the School of Medicine Directory server. Click on the Next button to proceed.

                                               ED Internet Directory Svr Name.jpg          


In the Check E-mail Addresses window, select Yes to have Outlook Express check email addresses using the LDAP server when mail is sent. Click on Next to proceed, then Finish to create the directory.

                                              ED Check E-mail Addresses.jpg

Once the directory has been added, select the directory and click Properties.

                                              ED Internet Acct Dir Svc.jpg

Click on the Advanced tab. Next to Search base, type ou=School of Medicine, o=UNC-CH, c=US. Click on OK to finish configuring the directory.

                                              ED LDAP Properties.jpg


To manually search the LDAP directory using Outlook Express, click on the Addresses button and select Find People.

                                              ED Main Identity.jpg

For the Look in field, select

                                              ED Find People.jpg


Next to Name, enter the person's last name, and click on Find Now to display names matching your criteria. To send mail to someone in the directory, right click on their email address, select Action, and then Send Mail.

                                              ED Find People 36 Entries.jpg

You can also ask Outlook to check names against the email directory by clicking on the check button when composing an email. However, this step is not necessary, since Outlook will automatically check the names listed in the To: or other header field when the message is sent.

                                              ED New Message.jpg

Directory Settings for UNC SOM, UNC Hospital and UNC Main Campus:           

                                                ED Directory Settings.jpg