Email Migration Instructions and FAQs

How can I increase my email quota?

How can I access my email after the email migration?

How do I get email on my smartphone?

Will I still be able to use my email address after the migration?

  • Yes, you will be able to send and receive email at your email address after the migration

I have a campus email and a email account, what will happen to these when I migrate?

  • As part of the migration the two accounts will be merged together with all server side email. You will only have one email account and for most users the primary email address will be your address.  Please note: Your campus email account combined with your may put you over the 2 GB quota.  You will be notified if this is the case.  For information on how to increase your quota please refer to Exchange Quota Increase document.

How can I move my Address Book from into

I am interested in using Outlook for my mail program where can I get more information?

I am a department technician can I still schedule a migration for group of users in my department?

You can schedule migrations for your users until August 11th 2011. To do this please send email to with a spreadsheet of users to be migrated:

  • PIDs for each user to be migrated
  • Date to be migrated (24 hour notice required)
  • Identify Blackberry users
  • Existing Email Quota

After August 11th you will no longer be able to schedule migrations. All remaining users will be scheduled to migrate by OIS.

Where can I go for more information?

For assistance on email or help after email migration please contact 962-HELP or

Find general information about the Microsoft Exchange project at UNC please go to

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