Email FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Email & Email Accounts.


I received a message from the Administrator saying my mailbox was over quota. How do i manage my quota?

If your Exchange mailbox is over quota and you would like an extension, ITS provides a Quota Extension Service for an annual fee. Read more about the Exchange Quota Extension Service.

Can I forward my email to another email account?

For security reasons, HIPAA regulations and PHI [protected patient health information], we cannot forward email outside of the School of Medicine email system. The UNC SOM does accept forwarding from outside email services.

How long can I keep my email?

Our current policy states that while you maintain a current affiliation with the UNC School of Medicine, you are entitled to a School of Medicine email account. When that affiliation no longer exists, your account will be inactivated.

How can I close my email account?

From your SOM account, send a message to requesting to have your email account closed. Inactive accounts are permanently removed annually; but if necessary and with proper authorization, an account can be inactivated and removed immediately. If you need additional information about closing email accounts, please call OIS Client Services at (919) 966-1325.